The EMB Films team

Paul Profile Pic.jpg

Paul Nordin
Aerial cinematographer, Filmmaker, owner

Paul started EMB Films in 1998, and it is still going strong.  In the time since then he has won awards for his feature film cinematography and drone cinematography, made 22 feature films, along with commercials and corporate videos, music videos, and documentaries.  He is also expert in post production editing, color correction, and workflows.  Lately, he has become deeply active in aerial cinematography, as well as teaching cinematography for a global drone video company with over 40,000 members.  Paul is notable for his artistic eye, and occasionally pulling out his Scottish bagpipes to entertain cast and crew during lunch!


Winter Control Room-cropped.png

Sr. Recording engineer, Location Sound Mixer, musician

Nobody takes more joy out of getting an audio mix just right than Winter.  With nearly 20 years experience as a location sound recorder, and an audio post mixing engineer, he has a tremendous depth of experience in solving audio problems of every type and shape to deliver mixes that clients love.  He is also a skilled musician and music producer, and brings that sensibility to all his audio work, be it miking talent for an interview, recording ADR, sweetening dialog edits, laying in sound design for action scenes, or scoring movies.



Sharon knight
Editor, Foley Artist, Musician

Sharon is EMB Film's in-house video editor, and has been helping clients tell their story with compelling and informative videos.  She knows sounds, and how to fool your ears with amazing foley work, and brings a passion for finding the perfect blend of sounds for maximum emotional impact.

In addition to being world-wide touring musician and performer, she has a keen storyteller's soul that makes sure her edits tell a story that pulls you in.